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Jasmine Tea Guide

Soft and fragrant, green tea perfectly scented with freshly picked jasmine blossom.

Jasmine Pearls
The Most Romantic of Teas

In China, the art of scenting teas with fresh flower petals goes back hundreds of years. There are many different flowers used, from Chrysanthenum to Yulan, but Jasmine is the most prized of all. True Jasmine Tea is made from green tea scented with the fragrant buds of the jasmine blossom. Delicate and often spectacularly floral, it has become famous throughout the world.

Jasmine Pearls
Dragonfly Jasmine Pearls Tea
Jasmine Tea Teapot

Tea Growing

During Spring, fresh tea leaves are picked by hand and then dried using heat to prevent oxidisation. This ensures the leaves keep their light green colour and prevents the tea from darkening into black tea. The prepared green tea is then kept to one side until the jasmine harvest begins in early Summer . The jasmine buds are carefully picked by hand in the hot and humid afternoon when they are still closed. The alchemy is ready to begin.

Tea field

Tea Making

The green tea leaves are spread out in the tea-making area and harvested jasmine buds are gently placed on top and left overnight. As dusk falls, the petals slowly unfurl, releasing their special fragrance which infuses into the leaves beneath. The process is repeated every night for several nights, until the leaves are perfectly scented with the natural aroma of the jasmine flowers. A tea maker’s craft lies in knowing just when that moment of perfection has arrived. The spent flowers are then removed, ensuring a beautifully rounded and balanced tea. Traditionally, the leaves are then skilfully rolled into pearl shapes by hand, so that when hot water is added, the pearls slowly unfold and infuse.

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